22 september 2008

"Just Peachy"

Made my day! Thank You Ingrid at Vita Lenta Nel Bel Paese. My dear friend who delightfully gives me a piece of Italy every day. Not only the posts she serves us but all memories that comes along with it. The joy of beeing good friends. Now it is my pleasure to pass the "Just Peachy" award on. A few that I had in mind has already got one and two is one too many, don't you agree?

Dear Annika at Timeless Home, one is for you. For all the memories and the joy of visiting your place.
And one is for my Darling Daughter, it is time to put your fingers on the keyboard again!
To My Nottinghill Beacuse I found her blog before I started mine and her posts gave and always give me such an inspiration. And ofcourse my true daily companion Helena at Room and Serve who is the reason I blog.
Dear friends now it is your pleasure to pass it on. Maria

4 kommentarer:

Dubbelörnen sa...

Kikade in hos din dotter o vilken tjej!! Så vacker!!!!

Bil hade jag inte idag men imorgon så knackar jag på ;)


timelesshome annika sa...

Tack för the peaches detvärmde gott!
Minnen är underbaraoch det kan ingen ta i från en.
kram Annika

Helena på ROOM and serve sa...

Ja men attans. Visst skulle du smyga in på natten när jag testade min header - va?? Jäklars :)

Åh tack för utmärkelsen, känner mig mest svampig :) Jag kommer inta passa denna vidare då jag gör ett upplägg hela veckan, men kramar om dig :)

Kul att se att du kommit igång i butiken.


My Notting Hill sa...

thank you so much for this! I will pass it on in my next post. Michele